With remarkably low mileage, #1826 looks great for its 35 years.

The original design of the DeTomaso Pantera was and remains a timeless example of exotic car design. The low roof-line, steeply raked windscreen and the double-buttress rear literally define the exotic sports car. The clean, pure shape alone immediately says “it’s fast” without the need for add-on spoilers or wings. The Ford 351 Cleveland V8 engine sits mid-ship allowing a very low front hood and putting the weight where you want it—on the drive wheels!

Some background on the Pantera

Built in Modena Italy by DeTomaso, the Pantera was designed by Tom Tjaarda of Ghia. Approximately 5500 units were imported by Ford into North America from 1971 to 74 when the ’70’s energy crisis put an end to many high-performance cars. Panteras were still made in low volumes and sold around the world by DeTomaso from 1971 to 1993 when DeTomaso ceased production entirely. In total approximately 7200 units manufactured. The model range started with a small run of all hand-built ”pushbutton” cars (named for the stye of door handle used) to the “pre-L” like mine through to the “L” (larger bumpers and several other changes) to the GTS (flared fenders), GT-5 (larger flared fenders, spoiler) to the GT5-S model that had a smooth faired-in body.

About #1826

Pantera number 1826 was originally purchased by John Siebels in Charlotte, N.C. in January of 1972. John drove the car sparingly—only 8,400 miles until he sold it in 1994 to Larry Dascenzo of Somerset, N.J.. Larry had the car beautifully repainted white from her original—and rare—lime green and, upon completion, sold the car on to Vince Di Giorgio, also of N.J. Vince enjoyed the car for several years before Alex Brat of Toronto purchased the car only to sell her to me a few years later with only 14,000 miles on her. Every “caretaker” of #1826 has had the pleasure of enjoying her company while carefully preserving her to ensure generations more can enjoy her company.

1971 DeTomaso Pantera #1826

Cost new (1971)




Curb weight


Track F/R




Ground clearance

Zero to 60 mph

Standing 1/4 mile

Top speed


Please note that these amusingly optimistic (60-0 in 112 ft?) stats are from a 1971 Car & Driver, and were the best I could find.

My Pantera Photos

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Ford 351C V8

330 HP

395 ft.lbs

3123 lbs

98.4 in

57.0/58.0 in

167.0 in

67.0 in

43.4 in

5.4 in

5.5 sec

14.0 sec @ 99.4 mph

159 mph

60-0 mph 112ft.

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How #1826 looked in her original lime green factory paint.

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