Sunlight after almost 20 years!

I was quite lucky to have found out about this car through a fellow Pantera owner who happened to meet to former owner at a Nascar race. The car had been sitting for many years in a Florida garage and the owner realized he would not ever find the time to restore the car and really just wanted her to go to a decent home. He had owned a Mangusta previously and had regretted selling it and so bought this one. After owning it a few months the new paint started to crack, he felt he’d been “taken” having bought a quick paint job rather than a well-cared for and restored car. He parked the car and never again drove it. Until I rolled it into the sun to have a good look, it had not been outside for almost 20 years.

Some background on the Mangusta

Built in Modena Italy by DeTomaso, the Mangusta was designed in 1966 by Giorgetto Giugiaro of Ghia and was considered then and now to be a great icon of automotive design. The name Mangusta is Italian for Mongoose (a predator of the Cobra snake) and it is reported that the name was chosen as a jab at Carol Shelby (and his Cobra) after a deal with him fell through when Shelby accepted a request to develop GT cars with Ford. Like so many DeTomaso cars, it was very much a work in progress when released as a 1967 model and many improvements were made over the four years that DeTomaso produced a total of 401 Mangustas.


1970 DeTomaso Mangusta #1114

Cost new (1970)




Curb weight


Track F/R




Ground clearance

Zero to 60 mph

Standing 1/4 mile

Top speed (est)


Please note that these stats

are from a 1969 Car & Driver.


Ford 302 V8

230 HP

310 ft.lbs

2915 lbs

98.4 in

54.9/57.1 in

167.9 in

72.6 in

43.1 in

3.1 in

6.3 sec

15.0 sec @ 91 mph

128 mph

60-0 mph 169ft.

This was her home for the last 20 years.

Stretching wings and getting some air.

Finally at her new home

This is a garage I would have dreamed for as a kid — three mid-engined sports cars.

My first Mangusta. I think I got this when I was eight or nine. I must have liked it a lot because I took really good care of it!

I had her shipped from Florida to New York state via enclosed trailer and then picked her up and brought her into Canada myself on a rental trailer.

Interior is complete and pretty good.

The very rare Ferrero steering wheel is in almost perfect condition, having only been used for 27,000 miles.

The underside is very clean for a car that was parked 20 years ago.